Plaid Cymru calls on Labour party to return “blood money” donation

Warmonger Tony Blair donates £1,000 to Labour candidate

Plaid Cymru has challenged the Labour Party in Carmarthen East and Dinefwr to return what it has called “blood money”’ donated to the Labour candidate by disgraced former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Assembly Member Rhodri Glyn Thomas said Tony Blair had earned his money by working for global dictators guilty of some of the worse human rights abuses on the planet and urged the Labour candidate to return the money.

Carmarthen East and Dinefwr AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas said:

“The former Prime Minister since leaving Office has amassed a multi-million pound fortune by doing the bidding of the global banks that created the longest lasting recession since records began with their rotten behaviour. He has worked for multinational energy companies who have rigged the energy market created by his Labour Government resulting in inflated energy costs for consumers; and global dictators guilty of some of the worst human rights abuses on the planet. It is deeply disturbing that this blood money will now be used by the Labour Party in Carmarthenshire.

“The people of Carmarthenshire will remember that their former Plaid Cymru MP, Adam Price, endeavoured to impeach Tony Blair for the illegal war in Iraq. Instead of flooding Carmarthenshire with his money, Blair should arguably be in front of The Hague for war crimes.

“The Labour candidate has already been embarrassed by his party’s ‘unlawful’ actions in county hall and he himself just last week voted to increase our council tax by almost five percent. If he wants to hold onto a shred of credibility he must return this money.

“Plaid Cymru, as always, is funding the re-election of hardworking MP Jonathan Edwards through small donations made by our local supporters. Without the influence of money from big business, Plaid Cymru is free to put the interests of our communities first.

“The choice in May cannot be any clearer: a strong voice for Carmarthenshire in Westminster with Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards, or a Labour campaign funded with blood money from the pockets of global banks, energy companies and dictators.”